Greetings from Belgium

25. September 2022 | Homepage-Team | Kategorien: Aktuelles

Kürzlich erreichte uns noch ein Text eines belgischen Austausch-Schülers über eine gemeinsame Unternehmung mit den Handruper Gastgebern:

„It was a beautiful day in Lingen.
Kanufahren went well.
The paddles scooped the water and threw it in the Air as if they were cute little flocks of snow that get carried by the wind to far away places where The polar Bears roam.
Then the droplets of water splash onto the bright canal in which we are trying to manage the boats.
One by one, splash by splash, the boats kept going forward in search for the next destination. Sometimes boats cross paths and cause small collisions. Wet is the unlucky person that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The place and time where the paddle hits the water in a certain way, so that water goes flying onto you. The waves caused by the collision flow forward and slowly mix with the by us disturbed canal.

The sun slightly warms the water, slowly evaporating so that it can feed the canal with rain in the future. These rays also shine upon us, giving us the needed warmth in a other so cold environment to keep paddling and have fun together.“


(Weitere Fotos der Unternehmung gibt es übrigens auf der Instagram-Seite der Schule.)

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